Hello All,

I would like your help :) and no, I am not even asking you to sponsor me for the marathon I am doing in aid of Dr. Kershaws Hospice (nicely slipped in I thought)

I am putting together a guide for the OBN, something that will help new and current OBN members get the most from the OBN and would like to know the things you would find most useful in the guide?

If you can let me know then it would be greatly appreciated and hopefully I will be able to create a guide that is useful to all.

Thank you in advance for your help, 


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Morning Tom. Great idea, I think a guide for members (existing and new) on how to get the most out of OBN is just the ticket.
A coule of points I would include is: get involved, obvious I know but sometimes forgotten and overlooked! Attending the socials and building relationships on and offline is the core of any business network. And the OBN does it for free!
Make use of the contacts and suppliers on the site. Use the search option to define your search and get in touch with other local businesses.
Offer your expertise and help to others, the members on here are your sales force when talking to people, and a possible future customer when the need arises for your particular industry.
I could go on but time is precious today, I will put some more up though later.
Again, great idea Tom

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the feedback, I will make sure to touch upon the things you mentioned, some great pointers for sure.


I would like people to interact more on here.....dont know how u can do that but I feel no one is interested at times...

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