I have been watching the latest series of the apprentice over the last number of weeks and as the series draws to a close I thought I would see what your views of the candidates were so far. Both in terms of entertainment value and business potential of course, as the candidates are supposed to be a reflection of the top UK business talent out there.

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It has been a very entertaining series so far and at points have found myself laughing at some of the lines used by the candidates that in theory should not work, but funnily enough do:

Stuart (faced with being fired) - 'I'm not a one trick pony...I'm not a two trick pony..... Ive got a whole field of ponies waiting to run toward you Lord Sugar.' I hope Lord Sugar likes ponies, and I'm not sure how Stuart is still in the running as he put in a very immature impression on the latest episode.

Chris (buying tartan material for a discount price) 'I'm going to a Scottish wedding this weekend so I'm taking it for my nan as a birthday present.'. Baffle the shop keeper with 2 stories in one. It worked!

Will miss this weeks... I think its the interviews too :( will have to watch it on catch up when I am home.


Really want stuart to win but I think he could be kicked out on the interview stage. Jamie stands a good chance if he pulls his finger out again.

Tom - are you serious? Stuart?? I am really interested in why, genuinely. I love The Apprentice, but for entertainment value primarily. I don't believe for one minute the candidates are a reflection of top UK business talent, they just have slightly different skills than Big Brother contestants.

I missed several of the last episodes... including the much loved interview stage. However I caught the final, as soon as I heard who it was between there was only one winner really... Stella, which of course turned out right.


Its just a real shame that the final was not between Liz and Stella.

The best woman win, and it was darned good TV. Interesting that Lord Sugar's door is open for the second place contestant too, bit like Simon Cowell offering record deals to all the finalists in X Factor.

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