Hi folks,

At this time of year every penny counts and it got me thinking whether we could set up some sort of bartering system to do favours for each other? What set me off is that my car is in a bad way and I can't afford to get him fixed at the moment, so I may have to take him off the road. He needs some welding doing, which my husband could do, but he doesn't have a mig welder.

I wondered whether anyone could offer us the use of a welder and in return I would offer a family photoshoot with a prints package (or a makeover if you're that way inclined), or blinds from my husband's blinds and curtains business. 

If there is something you need but can't afford, or something you would like to offer to someone else, please jump into the discussion. There must be more than one way to skin a cat?


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This is something I've been doing! I've offered 'first leaflet distribution for hubcaps' to my local car spares shop (I'll start promoting them when they take me up on the offer!) and will also happily complete a first leaflet distribution for a new rug in my living room! (shout out to any carpet shops on OBN?!) I like your style ;) Maybe we should set up some kind of 'Goods and Services Swop Shop' on here? I'd certainly love to be involved as I can definitely see the value in it!



Shaw Distribution Services

(Leaflet Distribution and Promotions)

Hurray! Glad to see somebody thinks it's a good idea. I am known for my madcap and hair-brained schemes. I really think this one has legs though. I have no rugs I'm afraid, but there's bound to be someone on here who has :-)

Brilliant! I love the use of the words 'madcap' and 'hair-brained' - we'd get on like a house on fire, I'm sure of it! I'm anticipating this '1,000 members party' (looks like I've joined just on time!) I'll definitely be looking out for you so we can talk some more! :)


Hi all

I have done business in this way before when I supplied and fitted a couple of rather large high value tyres at cost and carried out a 4 wheel laser alignment FOC. In return I received two hours of a solicitors time at no cost to me.

When there are products involved then there may have to be a cost (usually greatly reduced on the normal retail price), but services can be exchanged on a time for time basis.

However I think that there may be occasions when one party doesn't have a use for the other persons products or services, which should always be a consideration if such a situation arises.

I once had a small mig welding set but alas I don't have it anymore, sorry Lisa.

Blinds in exchange for tyres is something that I would consider. I don't really have my finger on the pulse when it comes to the price of blinds but maybe the like for like wholesale cost for materials for both products may cancel each other out?

Certainly an interesting conversation, which may well benefit many small businesses in what are currently challenging times.

Here's to a Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all.


Prestige Tyres 2 U

I saw this earlier but didnt have time to respond! I've done this swap shop service for service with a marketing colleague.  It can work well, if you both have something the other wants - but I guess you could do an offer now, gain later idea to this too.  Happy to consider options.  Had a request recently too, still considering this option!   Maybe a group would be a good idea...

Hi Lisa,

Just noticed your post.  What blinds does your husband do?  I am looking for 10 perfect fit blinds for my conservatory.  Does he do these type of blinds?

Hi Kathryn,

Yes, he does all kinds of blinds and he has 20 years' experience in the industry. He would be happy to come round and measure up for you and give you a quote. You can get him on 0161 300 6223 or 07754 063715 if you would like to make an appointment. Or he has a showroom on Wellington Street in Ashton, just across the road from the council offices.


Kathryn Jenkins said:

Hi Lisa,

Just noticed your post.  What blinds does your husband do?  I am looking for 10 perfect fit blinds for my conservatory.  Does he do these type of blinds?

Hi guys 

I have worked like this for years with my small but expanding ( due to house renovations ) trades contact list and can offer bodywork inc welding. 

Even when times are not so bad I have found it a good way of building relationships.


Hi Malc,

I finally managed to have my welding done last week. It cost me £200 and is a very shoddy finish, nowhere near as good a job as my husband could have done. It was done by a total stranger. I am sure that somebody I knew and had a business relationship with would have done a much better job. So I totally stand by my belief in trading services and helping each other out. I'd like to set up some sort of formal bartering system via OBN, but I'm not really sure how to do it. If anyone has any suggestions give me a shout and we'll give it a go. It can't hurt can it?

I'm working with a local community group at the moment who are setting up a time bank, this works in a similar fashion but because it doesn't put a value on the time it avoids the pesky tax issues :-)

The way a time bank works is I as a web developer may spend 5 hours building someone a website which puts me 5 hours in credit, I may then get 3 hours from gardener & 2 hours from a book keeper etc. 

Very interesting idea Andy. Thanks. I will look into the feasibility of setting something similar up within OBN if there is support for it.

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