Nowadays without skill, we are nothing. To make ourselves up to date need to learn some skills of new ages. In this article, we will learn what type of skills do you need to be a web developer.



HTML is the most basic building block you will need for developing your websites and CSS is the language used to style the document that you create with HTML. If you are searching for web development in Dhaka, Pixel DTS will be your answer, it's a global digital service providing Web development, App development, Digital marketing, Outsourcing & latest Innovation to its next level.


  1. JavaScript

While HTML and CSS determine the content and presentation of a page, JavaScript determines the function.


  1. CSS and JavaScript Frameworks

CSS and JavaScript frameworks are the collections of files that do a bunch of work for you by providing common functions.


  1. CSS Preprocessing

CSS preprocessing let's you write code in preprocessing's language and then convert the code to CSS.


  1. Version Control/GIT

Version control software lets you track changes so you can go back to a previous version of your work and find out what went wrong without tearing whole things down. 


  1. Responsive Design

Responsive design allows web pages to adjust themselves to the device you are using without you doing anything on your end.



  1. Testing/Debugging

Bugs are the reality of the development process,  So in order to keep things moving, you will need to test your code for bugs along the way.


  1. Browser Developer Tools

Browser developer tools generally consist of an inspector (So you can see HTML and CSS on your site) and a javascript console.



  1. Building and Automation Tools/Web Performance

Program likes grant and gulps can be used to automate image optimization, CSS and JavaScript minifying and other web performance chores to make your site faster. 


  1. Command Line

There will be times you will need to open a terminal on your computer and type commands in the command line.



As soon as it's easy, it'll require a technical career for the new age of technology, there are some familiar skills that you should not ignore. At the end of the day, such soft skills are essential for technology, like any other industry. Do not forget to honor your overall professionalism while reducing your road to the newest carrier of the coolest, most innovative field! And check out the infographic below for a brief description of your skills.

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