"it doesn't matter how successful, powerful or smart you are – all that matters is how sexually available you are willing to make yourself look"



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Not sure - so much in there.  My own thoughts are that women should have equal rights to ...whoever, male or female, we are people; also, we choose what we want to show but accept that the 'way you behave is the way you will be judged' and some people will judge you negatively, others accept you, others ctiticise and others envy you.  Feminism was really just the fight to be heard, accepted and acknowledged by men/society/laws etc and I think we made that (except, sadly, about the income levels being different, but yes, if we accept it it continues but we can keep fighting that too for the right outcome in time..).

Various comments and concerns, but it depends what 'powerful', 'smart' and 'successful' mean to individuals - Beyonce is clearly successful by my means (money, fame, selling records, admired, respected), smart - she' making the most of what she's got and using it to her advantage (quite smart to my thinking!) and powerful - she can stand for causes and be heard, she has the respect and attention of young people and older (like me..) and what she has to say has some power to make people think if not follow through.   Just a thought or too, but love how you keep finding these articles to comment on Deb!   And never one to have nothing to say I have to respond too.

Hi Julie, I write therefore I read, and when I see something relevant to a group or forum I share. I have very strong views about (everything!) women's issues, and would love to see more debate in this group.




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