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6 Easy Ways To Make the Most of The Oldham Business Network

I joined the Oldham Business Network shortly after it was formed by David, Tom and Phil. There were only a handful of members. Fellow moderator, Ian Dunkerley, suggested that networking would be a great way for me to help grow my business and get to know other local business owners. He was right too. Networking has been a fantastic way for me to learn about business, get to know others, gain a credible reputation (debatable), increase connections and feel supported when working in…


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Do you think I'm mad to do this?

It’s not all about Sales & Marketing.  Sometimes I set personal strategies, so goal setting can be for other areas of my life. Being a coach I like to practice what I preach and lead by example. Yes I do have a plan in business. Long-term this will be Public Speaking and writing a book to share my personal experiences in business. However, constantly working and using social media isn’t good for physical (and mental) health. So 2014 is the year I achieve my biggest fitness goals. Of…


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What Happened to my Yellowtom Franchise?

So after investing all my time and life savings into a Franchise I am no longer the franchisee of Yellowtom Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside. I had built a large number of loyal customers, over 70% renewed their services. I had thousands of internet page views increasing each month. Despite being one the highest performing territories, in February 2013 I was no longer a franchisee of Yellowtom.

Why I Joined Yellowtom.

I left my paid job at Direct Line Insurance (later RBS…


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Sales Tip - Stories sell.

Make it interesting!

It's so much easier for your prospect to understand you or your service when telling an interesting story. But what is…


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Business Networking Tips – 45 Do’s and Don’ts to get the most out of networking meetings

I facilitated a networking event on Tuesday and received great feedback on my presentation about "How to make the most of Networking Events". 

I covered 5 of my top tips, of around 40 tips I had learned. 

An attendee asked if these 40 tips were on my website, of course I blushed in embarrassment as I hadn't posted these ideas. Not only are they good ideas, it's great SEO too.  

I immediately corrected this oversight and posted these on…


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Interview Series: Rick Leach of Precision Pallets and Cases Ltd.

Interview Series

  • Rick…

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Why I joined the Oldham Business Network - The OBN.

"The Oldham Business Network is an active online network dedicated to supporting the Oldham business community. It's completely FREE to join and always will be".


Great Advice

A few years ago when I started in business I had a review with a business link adviser who suggested that business  networking would be a great idea for growing my business. He sent links to various networks with different styles, one of which was the Oldham Business Network,…


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What’s your Mental Operating System? 8 tips for staying focused.

A blog for my OBN Friends...

Does your mind ever go blank? What’s your mental Operating System? 8 tips for staying focused.

Ever get that feeling when your mind goes blank and you forget what you were meant to be doing? You have a million things to do but can’t remember what to do next?  Yep me too, less than I used to though. I had a breakdown a few years ago which was due to overwork. It was like my CPU or processor overheated…


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How to Increase Sales Conversion by Closing.

Here is my latest blog. I hope you find it useful, let me know what you think!

Like it or not, if you have a product to sell or you serve customers “closing” is possibly the most crucial part of the process when it comes to sales. From working on markets, shops, call centres and face to face with B2B and B2C customers I know it’s easier to wait for the customer ask to buy, than to ask the question.

What is Closing?…


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Is Networking Not Working?

Here is a blog I posted on my personal blog site. 

Why do businesses network? How do successful networkers seem to build their sales pipeline effortlessly?

Networking is a fantastic way to market your business. The return on investment can be fantastic if done properly.

So why should you network? Everything starts with why?

The answer…


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Working for yourself by yourself but not alone. Do you need a team?

So you decided to work for yourself.

You were sick of the commute, the politics, the boss who was promoted because their face fits, or maybe you just know you can make a better living yourself and have a work life balance of your own choice.

You now realise that there is a lot more to running your own business than you ever imagined. Your accounts, saving receipts, chasing customers for payment, fixing your computer, phone bills, office bills, sales, marketing, someone to talk…


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Why are you doing that? That’s what I do

Why are you doing that? That’s what I do!

Outsourcing to experts to save your time and sanity.

How much is your “head-space” and time worth?

I share an office and work alongside with my good friend Kieron who provides an outsourced Employment Services for local businesses. For those who know Kieron, you’ll identify his personality in this blog. Non corporate, direct, says what he knows to be correct and always helping others thrive rather than survive in…


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HELP; Your Opinion Matters - OBN Social Networking Events

Please give us feedback and suggestions!

We are always looking at ways of improving the network for our members. The social events recently have been very popular, well attended, a great atmosphere and a surprising amount of business being done too.

However, from feedback we…


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99 members

Well that's 99 members of my Yellowtom group. When will it be 100.

I know, a FREE full page feature to the next local business who joins my group.

Is that too generous? 

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A deed becomes a lead.

I wanted to share this story with everyone. Evidence that good things do happen when doing good things for others.


After a great breakfast meeting this morning, I noticed that someone had left behind their case. Having gone down the motorway to a customer, the owner couldn't come back to collect it, or they would miss their appointment.

I decided to look out for a fellow network member and drop it off at their office. Only a few minutes out of my way and I expect he'd…


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Do you know any Quality Oldham Businesses who would like more local exposure?

I promote local businesses in many ways;

Directional “Call to Action” coupons/vouchers. Featured businesses have changeable coupon offers on their feature page. “Internet searches for discount vouchers have increased by 47.5% over the past 12 months.”

Long-Tail Searching. Consumers search for more specific items and services. I'm a trained index writer for all search engines. So businesses can be found for 100% of “key words” not just the category.

Automated… Continue

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Have you seen the Tameside Business Community?

I've just been on the TBC and it looks great.

Many of my customers and shoppers are around Ashton, Mossley and around Tameside etc.

The OBN has been fantastic for me. Making friends, learning from other networkers and obtaining business leads.

The TBC looks to build on that.

New friends, more advice and more exposure, happy days.



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Images of Oldham

I need some help.

Those who know me will realise I am proud to be an Oldhammer. That's why my business supports other local business and shoppers alike.

My site he been redesigned. There is a now a slide-show on the homepage and I'd like to add images of my favourite town so when consumers look at my page they can also Identify with Oldham.…


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Money Saving Vouchers and Coupons in Oldham available for Local shoppers.

There are over 500 Listed Businesses on Yellowtom Oldham, so there's something for everyone. 

More and more businesses are joining all the time, so keep checking back for new special offers.


Featuring only quality businesses and exclusivity too. Unlike other listing only sites, I restrict the number of featured advertisers to 5 per category, 1 per postal area. Only local companies, always keeping it…


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