Colour Matters - How to Choose the Perfect Wall Art for Your Space

A lot of us love art and the rest of us enjoy making our homes visually appealing.  Irrespective of the category you fall under, choosing the right piece of wall art is important because wrong art can make your home look ugly. Especially, when there are so many wall art ideas to decorate your home with. There are certain factors that determine which piece of art is the right choice. If you can keep those factors in mind, you will not fail in picking the right art piece.

Here are some of the aspects to consider before choosing wall art for your living space:

1. Size of the wall art

The size of the wall art is the first thing to keep in mind. This is because every house is different in size from the other. You cannot end up buying a small painting for a mansion and a large painting for a studio apartment. The size of the wall art also depends on where you plan to hang it. If you plan to hang a wall art over a couch, make sure the painting or wall art is at least 2/3 the width of the couch or larger.

2. Figure out what you love

When trying to choose the right piece of wall art you must know what you love. The type of painting or art style you are most inclined to matters. There is a great selection of modern and abstract paintings and illustrations available in the market for your home if that is your niche. If you prefer paintings featuring nude figures then you should look for that. Or if you love black and white portraits of humans go for that. But the main aim is to find out what your liking is so that your home speaks your language.

3. Colour matters

When you are trying to figure out which piece of wall art suits your home most, you must not forget about colour. Many of you may spend time thinking about which piece of art matches the colour scheme of your home. As much as this aspect is important you should not focus on this alone. You must pick a wall art whose colour scheme complements your house and not just matches your furniture. Like a black and white wall art would look great if your home is colourful and vibrant, while a wall art bright red in colour can be a great pop of colour if your room is mostly white and grey.

4. Mixing and contrasting

This is a fun way to keep your home or room exciting visually. Consider mixing and contrast by purchasing some old and some new pieces of art and hanging them together to give a sense of whimsy to your home decor. Collecting art from different eras including modern art pieces will make your living space contemporary to look at.

5. Don’t settle

Love at first sight maybe true but not as much when it comes to wall art. It is best to shop around a bit just to get an idea of what else is available in store for you. You do not want to settle and later regret when you find a better piece of wall art that works perfectly with you wall colour, furniture and has your favourite genre painted on it. Therefore, make sure to check out the different online stores and get an idea of every option in store for you.

Choosing the right piece of wall art may seem like a task and get you overwhelmed but you are keeping these above-mentioned aspects in mind can make your job a tad bit easier and enjoyable.

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