The practice of burning candles at altars dates back to antiquity. The light produced from burning candles and lamps is believed to ward off evil. The flame also signifies the process of creation. A candle is lit during baptism, Holy Communion and other occasions. Lighting candles before the image of the Lord, the angels and the saints symbolises a prayer offering and is also a request to the angels and the saints to pray for them. The candles used at the Catholic Churches are usually made from beeswax. The candles come in a variety of colours and have different connotations. (Information Credit:

  • White Candles

The white colour represents unison, harmony, truth and wholeness of spirit. A person lighting a white candle in congruence with a meditative state seeks protection, purification and good health. The white colour, in fact, is a combination of all other colours. Thus, the white candle is often used as a replacement for other candles in various Catholic rituals.

  • Red Candles

The red candle signifies love and passion and the courage to stand up against the evil. The colour red is believed to kindle energy, vitality and also denotes fertility.

  • Yellow Candles

A yellow coloured candle personifies creativity, logic, concentration, learning and action. A person lighting this candle prays for wisdom and knowledge. It also denotes worship for stability and security.

  • Blue Candles

A dark blue candle is a sign of happiness and laughter while the royal blue candle represents loyalty. A devotee seeking harmony and truth may light a light blue candle.

  • Green Candles

The green candles represent abundance, growth and the healing power of nature.

  • Black Candles

A black candle is burnt to counteract negative energies. It protects the devout Christians from illness and the negative energy from the evil spirits. The black candle also has the power to harness the healing energy of the universe.

  • Pink Candles

A pink coloured candle embodies love, devotion and faith. These are used in various rituals to denote the celebratory mood.

  • Purple Candles

Purple candles are believed to have the power of negating the effects of wrongdoings. The colour also denotes the urge to have more knowledge. A devotee burning a purple candle indicates that s/he wishes to secure spiritual protection or become one with God.

  • Brown Candles        

Lighting a brown candle reinstates the connection to the Earth and is a prayer for regaining balance or order. The person lighting this candle shows that s/he is grounded and humble and respects the solemnity of the mother. Brown candles are usually used in rituals to pray for relief from chaos, regain lost things and to eliminate indecisiveness.

  • Grey Candles

The practitioner who is meditating on ‘complex issues’, usually lights the grey candle. It is most likely used to cure the human body from the influx of poisons.

  • Gold Candles

This is usually burned by the votary to signify enlightenment. Gold, a symbol of fortune is believed to be an illustration of light in its purest form.

A devotee can pray with these candles by lighting them on the altar.  The candles can be easily purchased from online websites selling holy artefacts.

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