Design Your Kitchen with Brookhaven’s Cabinet Range by Wood-Mode

Today, a few retail companies in Houston specialize in modular kitchen cabinets. If you want to buy Brookhaven kitchen cabinets, Houston is the ideal destination. Brookhaven cabinets come in a wide array of designs and materials, allowing you to pick your dream cabinet that caters to your unique requirements. Brookhaven, a sub-category of Wood-Mode, specializes in semi-custom cabinets that include all the important benefits of Wood-Mode at competitive prices. Brookhaven is a splendid option for the quality conscious customer who can do without fully customized cabinet solutions. Although Brookhaven offers fewer options as opposed to Wood-Mode, they provide consumers with another option for premium quality products and excellent finishes within their budget. (Information credit: Cabinets&Designs)

  • Fine Selection of Materials

Brookhaven Cabinets are made up of a wide array of materials including wood, laminates, and glass, offering an effortless look. Brookhaven cabinets use bold colors that create a lustrous finish. Additionally, these kitchen cabinets offer unique door styles, from glass doors to doors with mirror inserts, your choices are bounteous. The cabinets designed by Brookhaven utilize high-quality wood – their selection of wood includes Cherry Maple, Oak, Knotty Cherry, Knotty Alder, Heartwood Maple, etc. also, Brookhaven also offers laminates to mimick the appearance of  Zebrawood, Rift-Cut Oak, and other exotic species.  Each of these species of wood has unique advantages and drawbacks. If you are considering a wood-based design, be particular about the grain and color. In case you want to experiment with bolder options, you can also pick laminate designs that blend durability with high functionality.

  • Types of Brookhaven Cabinets

Brookhaven cabinets stand out from its peers for its “almost-custom” finish, and exclusive designs. Brookhaven’s range of cabinets includes two distinct types of cabinets. 

  1. Traditional Cabinets:

Brookhaven’s Traditional Cabinets come with frames that enable the user to attach drawers and doors. 

  1. Contemporary Cabinets:

Brookhaven's Contemporary Cabinets are modular cabinets in which doors and drawers directly attach to the walls of the cupboard.

  • Some Notable Characteristics of Brookhaven Cabinets

Brookhaven cabinets come with outstanding features; here are some common characteristics of Brookhaven Cabinets:

  1. Brookhaven cabinets are known for their lustrous finish – the cabinets are painted in multi-step methods.
  2. These cabinets possess adjustable shelves which are mounted with customized clips.
  3. The semi customized cabinets are mostly made of maple and cherry dovetail drawer boxes. In some cases, stainless steel is used.
  4. Conveniently enough, these cabinets are available with flexible drawer slides that provide ample storage space.
  5. The hinges on the cupboards allow the door to open at 180⁰

With a high aesthetic appeal, Brookhaven kitchen cabinets provide practical solutions for your kitchen, boosting its functionality. Brookhaven successfully lives up to the company standards of its mother company. Like all Wood-Mode products, Brookhaven kitchen cabinets offer lifetime limited warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

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