This is a very valid question.  Why would anyone bother to go through a third party to secure their energy contracts and just add another layer of bureaucracy to the process?  At first glance it might seem that way, but in reality, a good energy broker will simplify the energy procurement process for you, not make it more complicated.

The world of deregulated energy in the UK is a bewildering one and is set with pitfalls that can mean just when you think everything is going well, you are suddenly hit with a massive bill, or you try to switch supplier only to find that you have missed the notice deadline and you are tied in for another year.  Any energy broker worth their salt will help avoid these pitfalls, in fact, when you engage a good energy broker, you should never need to deal with a supplier directly ever again!

Good energy brokers will provide a full utility management service which deals with everything that pertains to the supply of gas and electricity to your premises, that will include invoice verification, so you only pay for what you use, transfer monitoring, to make sure your transfer goes through without objection and supplier liaison so you never have to wait on the telephone for hours to get an answer.

And most importantly of all, a good energy broker will do all the leg-work for you when tendering.  Contacting all the commercial energy supply companies and tailoring a package designed for your specific needs.  With the result that you save both time and money.  So remember, it costs the company nothing to receive a quote from a competent energy broker, but it could cost you if you don’t!

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