I went along to join the OBN team to support their ongoing efforts and hard work in keeping the 600 hundred (not 500 as was announced on the night!) members up to date with opportunties and contacts.   Owl Marketing were also nominated (by me!) for the award and it was great for winners and nominees alike!  From youngsters at Friezland Primary School, to senior school pupils Saskia Edwards and Jessica Entwhistle who were peer mentors and anti-bullying ambassadors (and won their category so well done to them!), to Group, Voluntary, Sports, Achievement, Education and other various categories showing what and who there is to be proud of in Oldham!


We had a lovely three course meal from Manns Wharf before the Awards, and afterwards an aftershow party with dancing and (more!) drinking.    Some characters there - some amusing (and one or two we know ourselves and others we didn't but definitely noticed!) and some inspirational people too, like Andy Walker who joined in the fun on the dancefloor from his very versatile wheelchair!    He was also a winner in the Special Achievement category and showed us the spirit that has overcome his accident-causing disabilities to join in, and raise a laugh with us all too.   Nice to meet you Andy!

Tina and Michael, as ever, ended the evening for us on a high note (all the way home - thanks Michael!) keeping spirits high, making us laugh until our stomachs ached, and showing us how great it can be to get out when parenting and business often keep you tied down! lol

Phil kept me company most of the aftershow and kept me smiling and laughing too.   Missed Tom for his antics but sure he had a good time at the spa (stories to tell maybe?)  

It was nice to meet Sam, David's other half, a lovely lady who also showed a flair for fun and socialising!  David was very proud of the trophy and framed article from the Chronicle, and so he/they should be!  

The Owl ladies joined us later on - and hope you have a good break Liz and Alan!   And very nice to meet mum of Deborah, my dancing partner - and anyone elses!  A very lively, fun loving lady (just like her daughter!)  and lovely to meet her. 

Lisa looked lovely as ever in her vintage outfit and hair (which I also admire, it looks great!), and took various photo opportunities over the night.  Look forward to seeing the pics (I think!).

Andy got Michael into trouble - or the other other way round - but you can ask about that at the socials maybe! lol

Nice, too, too meet others in the Candidsky team - Tom to my left and Dave, a new member, to my right, so I learned a lot about them too!   New family contacts maybe as well as my business!

We had a good night, out til 1 am when the band & music finished.  There was an amazing 12 year old singer with a great voice.  Must look at Mondays Chron to see who she was.  All details and pictures will be there so have a  look.  I will buy a couple of copies anyway.  

Thanks again people, for making it a great night out and proud to be a member of OBN.

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Comment by Julie Crowley on December 13, 2011 at 9:11pm

Did you all get your Chronicle copies on Monday?   A couple of pictures inside - and how did Dave get on the front row of the front page I ask??!!!  Lol   I do have to point myself out to people hiding at the back (who? me??! Yes me!)


Comment by Julie Crowley on December 13, 2011 at 9:08pm

I think you do need to David!  Would be lovely to meet her again and introduce your lovely lady to the other members too.  


Comment by David Beharall (OBN Founder) on December 12, 2011 at 11:57pm

Great blog Julie! Was great to see everyone having such a good time, I think I need to take Sam out to a Social :-)

Comment by Tom Lambert on December 12, 2011 at 11:53pm

I had a quality night too. Cheers Julie.
Here's our blog - http://www.candidsky.com/blog/oldham-business-network-wins-pride-in...

Comment by Deborah Wroe on December 12, 2011 at 9:58am

Lovely blog, lovely words

Comment by Julie Crowley on December 12, 2011 at 8:40am

Hardly tearing it up (that was in the past!) but I enjoy a dance (if not street dancing ...!).  Phil better not have taken any and sent them on ,,. he even threated to FB them to my children! lol


Comment by Thomas Yates (OBN Co-Founder) on December 11, 2011 at 7:55pm

Sorry I couldnt make it but it sounds like a great night... I have a pic on my phone of you tearing up the dancefloor Julie :)




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