Make it interesting!

It's so much easier for your prospect to understand you or your service when telling an interesting story. But what is interesting depends on the interests of your audience and how you deliver the story. How do you make it engaging? do your homework and listen to your customer. You'll soon know what makes them tick and how to sell.

Tell the truth!

Some "salesmen" tell lies to get the deal. This an unethical and very dangerous sales strategy. Many customers can spot a lie. Knowing you are there to offer a service or sell a product, many customers are naturally sceptical and can easily spot a liar. Instant sales failure.
Lies also undermine a long term relationship with a customer, If you don't deliver on your promises, guess what, chances are you lose the trust your customer has.
Telling he truth is so much easier and less stressful.

Why tell stories?

Customers can visualise using your service or product if they can imagine it in use. When using our imagination we are moving into a natural emotional state. Buying is an emotional decision!
Give real life examples. Don't waffle! If your appointment is for 15 minutes why spend 10 minutes telling stories.

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